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How do I search for images?

You can use the search bar to search by keywords or parts of keywords. On the results page, you will get the option to filter your results by orientation, image type, and department. Please keep in mind that the TU/e Image Bank is in American English, and it is therefore required to use American English search terms to find sufficient results. 

Do I need to reference the photographer?

When publishing images from the TU/e Image Bank, the photographer of the image has to be referenced to. The photographer is named under the 'Source' label on the image page. 

Am I allowed to edit images from the TU/e Image Bank?

Images may not be altered in terms of color and/or subject. Images may only be cropped to shape in reasonable proportions, for instance regarding set formats of communication resources of the TU/e. 

In what ways am I not allowed to publish images from the TU/e Image Bank?

When publishing images from the TU/e Image Bank, it is not allowed to cause reputation damage to the TU/e organization and/or people portrayed on the images. More information on portrait rights.

Can an image be removed from the Image Bank?

When encountering an image you are portrayed on, or an image you find inappropriate that you wish to be removed, you can click the 'Respond to this image' button on the image page and file a request for removal to our administrator. 

Can I use images for private purposes?

Images from the TU/e Image Bank may not be used for private purposes. Images from the TU/e Image Bank may be used for promotional usage, such as printing, websites, video productions and PowerPoint presentations, when relating to the TU/e or for profiling purposes.

I cannot find a suitable photo. Does TU/e have an account for stock photos?

iStockphoto is available to all TU/e staff and students as an alternative to the TU/e Image Bank. Photos or illustrations can be requested via imagebank@tue.nl or imsservices@tue.nl. The time for delivery is a maximum of 3 business days.
PLEASE NOTE! The Shutterstock subscription will no longer be available as of January 1, 2023.

Which browsers can I use best?

You get the best performance in Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Safari. Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge are not recommended.

Can I submit photos or video footage?

Do you have recent professional photos taken or commissioned that fit within the concept of this Image Bank? Please contact the administrator at imagebank@tue.nl to see if one or more of these items can be added. The images must be of sufficient size and freely usable. The material should fit within the concept of the image bank. The administrator will decide on this. The name of the creator will always be mentioned on this website.

This also applies to generic video footage that can be used for TU/e video productions.

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